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1. Анна говорит по-французски очень хорошо.
2. Сейчас они обедают.
3. Я учил английский в школе, но тогда он мне не нравился.
4. Она заснула, когда готовилась к экзамену.
5. Моя тётя живет в Испании с 2002 года.
6. Если будет хорошая погода, мы пойдем на прогулку.
1. It doesn’t rain very much in summer in our area, but today it _______.
2. Reading a book is _______ than watching TV.
3. _______ you go out last night?
4. We spent _______ money on holiday.
5. It’s _________ weather I have ever been in.
6. I haven’t had time to look _______ the report. Is there anything new?
7. _______ you like a coffee?
8. My parents _______ in Kyiv.
9. If I find somebody’s wallet in the street, I _______ it to the owner.
10. If the phone _________, can you answer it?
11. We didn’t play football yesterday. The match _________.
12. My TV-set _________. It’s working again now.
13. Who would you phone if you _________ a problem?
14. If I were you, I _______ to that place alone.
15. His father is keen on _________ sports on TV.
16. I _________ a lot, but I don’t use my car very much these days.
17. I am glad we had a map. I’m sure we would have got lost if we _________ one.
18. We can go out at 8. I _________ my home task by then.
19. We went to see the football match _______ the rain.
20. The church tower _________. The work is almost finished.
21. Sonya _________ me you were ill.
22. She thought that John _________ up his job the previous year.
23. Jane wishes she _________ taller.
24. The file is nowhere to be found. I _________ it.
25. Write a small composition on the following topic: My Favourite Film.




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